CARES Cancer Challenge


Do you hate cancer? Do you want to do something about it? So do we. The CARES Cancer Challenge has brought a group of dedicated community leaders together to help our neighbors fighting cancer. These volunteers are asking their friends and family to support them and in turn, help others. We ask that you support our volunteer fundraisers listed below and help them become the 2017 CARES Cancer Challenge Champion. If you don't know any of the participants but still hate cancer and want to help, click the "Donate" button above and make a difference!

In addition to making a donation, please spread the word by sharing this page with everyone you know. Thank you for your generosity. Without question, cancer patients need your help.

Provision CARES Foundation was created to serve cancer patients and their families battling cancer through education, wellness, research, and patient assistance programs. In 2016, we served more than 1,600 families. How many can we serve this year because of you?

Make A Difference 

  • $25 – provides 5 PSA screenings that may detect prostate cancer
  • $75 – covers a gift basket filled with food, personal care items and gift cards for newly diagnosed cancer patients in need
  • $150 - provides an uninsured woman a mammogram that may detect breast cancer
  • $360 – allows one cancer patient healthy meals for two months
  • $500 – provides roughly seven (7) trips worth of gas cards to help a family drive their young child back and forth from East Tennessee to Cincinnati Children's Hospital to see a specialist for a rare form of cancer
  • $750 – allows a cancer patient and their loved ones to stay in a hotel for two weeks while they are out of town for treatment or helps pay their mortgage or rent if they cannot work but need cancer treatment
CARES Cancer Challenge Participants:

Beth Ann Carter  
Michael Brady Inc.

Marilyn S. Cobble  
Community Volunteer

Rick Disharoon
Slate, Disharoon, Parrish & Associates

Lora Fout
Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

Andrew Gitschlag
DPC Marketing

Bryan Hair
Tennessee State Bank

Sharon Bishop Hall
Provision Proton Therapy Center

Kristin Coffield Rakoczy  
Provision Proton Therapy Center

Hillary Raubach
Cellular Sales

Moe Siddiqui
RaySearch Americas

Sonya Smoak
SouthEast Eye Specialists

Jenni Schneider Wylie
retired from WIVK 107.7

The CARES Cancer Challenge is sponsored by: